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Some of the Top Legal Advice on Dispute Resolution in Maine

Could Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Be Right for You?

If you are embroiled in a dispute, Maine does provide for a variety of means to help settle it. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) consists of a wide range of processes that individuals and commercial establishments may use to resolve various disputes without resorting to trial:

  • Family Matters
  • Small Claims/Eviction
  • Foreclosure Diversion
  • Civil/Commercial Cases
  • Land Use/Environment Disputes

Mediation for Resolving Disputes in Maine

Mediation is known as an informal and flexible process where parties agree to work together with a trained, neutral third party known as a mediator. Together both sides present their interest and the mediator works to explore options for resolving the dispute. The mediator helps communication between the parties and does not have power to decide or impose a resolution. The parties control the outcome and any settlement is considered voluntary.

The Use of Arbitration Hearings in Dispute Resolution

Arbitration hearings are private meetings when parties submit their dispute to an impartial decision-maker known as an arbitrator. There may be a panel consistsing of multiple arbitrators. An arbitration hearing is seen as a less formal process than appearing for a court hearing. In arbitration, the evidence is presented by the parties and the arbitrator issues a decision about the dispute. In Maine, this method of dispute resolution is considered non-binding arbitration.

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Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE) is Available for Dispute Resolution

Gray & Palmer offers evaluation assistance as part of dispute resolution services. ENE is available for dispute resolution as an informal process where an evaluator looks at the facts and legal issues. The evaluator then advises the parties on the strengths and weaknesses, and may offer a projection of a likely outcome if the matter were to go to trial. ENE is strictly an advisory process and can offer insight, but does not serve to resolve disputes.

Experienced Advice for Dispute Resolution Service in Maine

Gray & Palmer offers experienced advice and can work with you on dispute resolution. Contact Gray & Palmer today for a free, 30-minute consultation. Together, we can help resolve your dispute and work toward a satisfactory settlement.

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